Literature Under Capitalism in 2012

January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is just a short post really, outlining a rough strategy for the year both for the blog and for fiction writing.

Blogging Projects:

I feel like Literature Under Capitalism needs some real structure here, I mean I update relatively regularly but at pretty random times and am often behind on the reading that I want to post up about. So here are some things that I’m going to do this year:

Guardian Reading Group Project: This is the monthly reading group that Sam Jordison does over on the Guardian website. He chose to do Alan Moore’s V For Vendetta in November because of the Occupy protests so he can’t be all that bad. Anyway my plan is to read every book and blog about every book to give the site a good spread of commentary on a variety of books that I’m sure will be pretty good.

On top of this I also want to try to read another non fiction book a month at least, if not more often. I will blog about these as well if it seems relevant.

I want to blog at least once a week with a set day being Friday for now on (when this post is going up), other stuff may go up at random times but there will always be something on Friday. (To stay up to date why not join my newly created facebook page?)

I think all of this will hopefully give the blog some more weighty material which I enjoy writing more anyway as well as some shorter stuff that often doesn’t need to be that long to get the point across. I also want to get more reviews and such on current fiction up there as well as genre stuff.

Now onto some of my fiction projects

First of all is ‘Deep Roots in Dark Places’  lovecraftian dark horror/fantasy set in the western Australian mining region and dealing with questions of class and race, mining and scary squid like cosmic monstrosities.I’ve started writing this but I really need to get cracking at least to see if its going anywhere if I’m wasting my time. There are a few places that might take such a story.

There is also a submission to the shared world Aether Age project that I have been working on as of late, only in the outline. This is something I want to start on soon.

Also a literary fiction novella that I’ve got a rough outline for, concerning the production of a movie about popular radicalism that gets out of control. (title ideas: directorship of capital? lol)

Another idea I have is a surrealist supernatural tale called The Great Southern Gulag Archipelago, dealing with a political issue that I’m sure is obvious at least for Australians.

Other Writing Projects

There are also a bunch of other misc things like a submission of article about capital, empire and non-western literature in Beyond Victoriana that I’ve been thinking about, coming out of some of the planing for the Aether Age thing. We will have to see with these ones.

Anyway these are just some things that will be coming out over the next few months that I thought I would but on paper (or screen) and thus force myself to actually do.

So I will see you next Friday for You’ll Have to Wait and See 😉

In the mean time  check out Beyond Victoriana: A Multicultural Perspective on Steampunk and Steampunk will Be Afraid Of Politics for an interesting blog and article on a genre that is fast gaining interest with this newbie.


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