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December 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Elsewhere on the net, happens every second Monday and gives us some space to have a look at fiction, non-fiction, blog posts and political commentary from around the place.

First of all everyone should check out Christmas Island/ They Kill Them a dual poetry reading by Amanda Anastasi and Ben Solah. The video is embedded below and more can be found out about this on Ben’s blog Blood and Barricades. The performance concerns the plight of refugees in Australia and those who are responsible. For more refugee poetry related stuff check my review of ‘Inside Out’ by Mohsen Soltany Zand.


I also think an early plug for the Marxism 2012 conference is in order. The conference will be run over 4 days during the Easter weekend in Melbourne Australia, Thursday April 5th – Sunday April 8th. As well as including over 70 sessions and international guest speakers on a huge range of topics there is also going to be a session on Emile Zola’s Germinal: A novel of working class struggle. So check out the new interactive session timetable and get your tickets booked!

Reading the Riots is a brilliant study on the London riots that broke out this year based upon 270 interviews with rioters, it examines the economic and politic roots of the revolt of the poor that shook England. Here’s one of the many amazing quotes: “We had [the police] under control,” said one 21-year-old London rioter. “We had them under manners for once. They never had us under manners. We had them on lock. On smash. Running away from us. We weren’t running from the police. They was the criminals today. We was enforcing the law. Getting them out of our town because they ain’t doing nothing good anyway for no one.”

It would also be terrible not to mention the inspiring protests in Russia at the moment against Putin’s ballot tapering and the general crisis of economics and democracy in the country. The guardian has some okay coverage on the movement but informed reportage in English is lacking.


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